To enhance the riders’ experience in the Bay Area’s metro stations by promoting the infusion of large-scale art and design.


Inspired by a global movement that re-imagines utilitarian transit corridors as vibrant public spaces, SubArt works to transform San Francisco Bay Area subways to enhance the rider experience, revitalize our community, and enrich our cultural life. Read more

The Team

Rachel Dinno Taylor, Founder and CEO

Rachel is the founder, visionary and strategic force of SubArt. Her experience leading place-making initiatives and her commitment to improving civic life provides both the passion and practical know-how necessary to lead SubArt. Rachel has twenty years of political, fundraising, and social entrepreneurial leadership experience. A Bay Area native and a resident of San Francisco, Rachel has worked with local, state, federal, and international levels of government building partnerships to enhance public space and infrastructure.

Byron Beach, Communications Director

Byron is a communications and digital marketing strategist with two decades of experience creating innovative campaigns that listen, communicate and engage audiences. As the digital marketing VP for multicultural ad agencies, and consultant to Bay Area start-ups, Byron has harnessed the creativity and innovation of design teams and the public to lift communities and inspire people to think differently. He believes that SubArt is a startup that will have a profound impact on the public by bringing innovative artistic vision to the daily lives of commuters.

Jennifer Foerster, Partnership Manager

Jennifer brings to SubArt a passion for the arts and the diverse voices of San Francisco. A published poet and successful grant writer, her insights leverage established relationships with numerous arts and culture organizations and individuals. Her work is driven by a steadfast belief in the power of the arts to inspire civic engagement, foster inquiry and tolerance, and improve the overall quality of life.

Connery Cepeda, Research Associate

Connery simply loves transit, and has done extensive research on subway systems in South America that offer public art installations and cultural events in their stations, systems that go beyond the transport of passengers by providing engaging public spaces. Connery has over ten years of professional experience in transportation, community and site planning. With a goal to improve the quality of life of transit riders through both design and planning, Connery contributes to SubArt's mission to reinvent the transit experience, and to explore his passion for not just art in transit, but “transit as art.”

Shoshannah Flach, Social Media Director

A San Francisco native who has never owned a car, Shoshannah has much experience with the Bay Area’s public transit systems. She believes artistic design elements in our city’s subways enhance the experience for daily users and visitors, and encourages the use of public transit in a rapidly growing city. Shoshannah brings more than fifteen years of digital marketing expertise to this transformative initiative.

Advisory Board

  • Roselyne Swig
  • Rod Diridon
  • Vince Hoenigman
  • Dan Martin
  • Anne Halsted
  • Grace Stanislaus


SubArt is the only nonprofit focused on bringing art to the Bay Area’s metro system. Join us and leave a legacy of inspiration in our region’s most densely used public space. Join the Team


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